Lots of travel technology prototypes + real world products!

I built a mind boggling amount of prototypes and products at Sabre. Working with the UX team to evangelize the UX practice and methodologies throughout the company, I helped shape the opinions and corporate environment towards good standards and quality design. This included my involvement with a variety of events such as helping organize 3 different World Usability Day events,  contributing to hack day innovations, 



presenting at multiple UX related conferences and providing supporting materials for nearly everything. I also logged an insane number of hours in the usability lab, observing, brainstorming, and rapid prototyping new products and novel interfaces for existing travel products. 

Here's some examples of work I did while working on the world-class UX team at Sabre. 


sabre red

workspace & graphical view

Our UX team was instrumental in every aspect of Sabre Red and when the Sabre Red Workspace won an Innovation Award in the Technology for Travel and Meetings category in the UK in 2011, we were thrilled.

Areas of work: Flex, HTML/5, CSS/3, HTML Email Templates, Keynote  

the mission:

To create an interface solution for legacy GDS green screen interfaces, competing with speed and features.


  • Multi-PNR
  • Calendar Shopping 
  • Map-Based Shopping for Hotels 
  • Email During Shopping 
  • Merchandising  
  • Command Line 




  • travel agents are accustomed to cryptic green screen terminology for booking within the GDS
  • classic green screen + keyboard = blazing fast results vs. slower GUI
  • aging travel agent population/need for newer agents
  • perception problem/low adoption of GUI


Kevin is someone who thinks outside the box. He is an innovative worker, who throws himself into every task. I love to bounce ideas off Kevin because I know that he will deliver a fresh, insightful perspective that is well-thought out.
— Director, Design Strategy at Sabre Corporation

huge adoption rates:

  • Since July, 2011, when I left, Sabre had upgraded more than 120,000 agents in more than 110 countries to the Red Workspace.
  •  UI produced 20 percent faster results with 30 percent fewer keystrokes
  •  Agents using graphical view can access nearly three times more low-fare options in a single search
  •  Also, agents training on graphical view in the Sabre Red Workspace is estimated at two weeks compared to the six to eight weeks required for the classic view