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As UX lead I have been honored to direct workflow and front-end design for a variety of tools to be used in conjunction with content production and technology for a high-profile, unannounced project. I also worked with business analysts to produce business and functional requirements along with a variety of documentation, charts, graphs and presentation work for use in understanding of the technology stack and to support team cohesion.

Kevin’s creativity and dedication to the details are spot-on. He knows how to design rapidly, and render them in code with pixel precision.
— Jason Lewis : Manager Engineering, Mobile & Connected Devices

Disney Technology Solutions & Services

Guerilla Usability Testing

Part of my responsibility for the main projects we have been building is to determine areas of success and failure in the interfaces and prototypes we build. Not just inside the UI, but also inside the workflows. Because of the rapid nature of our work, it has been necessary to find ways to test on-the-fly. We decided on Silverback and Usabilla to screen capture both user interactions and click-throughs. My methodology emerged as the following:

In order to highlight areas of UI success

  • Establish patterns
  • Insinuate new patterns from existing UI
  • Isolate UI pieces to modularize

In order to pinpoint UI failures

  • Understand how different users affect expectations of the UI
  • Understand the micro-interactions that lead up to a failure
  • Determine whether there are anti-patterns causing failure
  • Determine missing functionality that causes failures

Usability Test Types:

  • Linked Tests/Funnel Test
  • Label Tests
  • Screen Capture

I produced multiple documents based upon the Screen Capture Testing, which I then organized into areas of quantitative data.

Organized as:

  • Key takeaways
  • Highlighted user comments from testing
  • Suggested areas of improvement
  • Minor takeaways

Then I organized the Screen Capture Testing alongside Usabilla Linked and Label Testing in order to correlate user comments with actual collected click-through data.


Disney User Experience:
Working to unite our design family

I have had the opportunity to work with the world's best designers and artists, who took me under their wing and asked for my contribution to the Disney User Experience (DUX) initiative. Starting from day one, I worked closely with veteran Disney UX cast members to extend existing UX patterns and standards, as well as propose novel solutions for integration into the Disney ecosystem.

While working on UX standards, I led all Interaction and Visual Design for a high-profile, unannounced project by utilizing research, gathering user data via usability testing, and determining final UI solutions based upon existing Marvel and Disney UI standards.

Part of this work was establishing a unified visual language using both an existing glyph system (Font Awesome) plus create additional iconography, fully integrated into Mac OSX.

Along with this I supported the front-end development team by building a reusable CSS3 framework from scratch using modularized SCSS which utilizes the color specification system, in order to further support standards by code extension.