Decades of Design Experience


Hello. I am Kevin Schumacher and I am fortunate to be able to use my talent for design and passion for technology to creatively dream up solutions to complex design puzzles. Every day brings new opportunities to grow as a designer in the magical world that is technology.

My career has been quite diverse and spans more than 20 years. I built and ran my own design company for 3 years; 5 years were spent designing enterprise-level interfaces for the media industry; and for 7 years I built award-winning applications and websites for the travel technology sector.

I currently lead a world-class design team at the happiest job on earth. I couldn't be prouder working with the talented engineers and exceptional designers I am privileged to join forces with, designing applications that connect our guests worldwide.


Seattle, Washington


(469) 358-1411

UX Advocacy

My love for design extends far beyond my job. I am passionate about any opportunity to teach and share my experiences throughout the design community.

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USE Cases

Experiments in design thinking and learning. I break down my thoughts and focus on solutions to problems that are both unique and common.

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